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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a work space?

A work space is a private desk or co-working desk for you and or your colleagues to work from.

How much does a work space cost?

Share work spaces like co-working desks can be as low as $10 a day or $100 month and double or triple that based on quality and services offered.

Some work space companies as an example offer free beer to their client, that will not come at a $10 a day price. Otherwise we would all move for the cheapest beer in the world. ;)

Private work spaces mean walls and windows separate you and your colleagues from the rest of the space on the floor for privacy. It's all about privacy and usually attracts a higher price per hour, week or month. Full time rental is much higher than say buying a Pass that allows X hours per month in a private space. 

What are the cancellation terms?

Every venue provider has their own terms here.
The good news is the Passes and ad-hoc costs offer very attractive cancellation terms where as the long term commitments offer less flexibility. 
(strange huh, you commit to more time and money and get less flexibility)

How long can I work space for?

You can book for literally any duration. One ho, five days or 5 months.
When clients book long duration's like full days or weeks, we work to secure discounted rates from the venues. Venues providers also incentivize Passes.

What to expect from work space providers?

Private office only:
Usually a very private atmosphere with a reception to assist and amenities. 

Shared office only:
Allot more fun decor, amenities, environment to promote open discussion with other co-workers.

Do they offer technology services?

Most venues will offer free WIFI or wired internet in their pricing. :)
Some will offer meeting rooms with video conferencing technology.

Do all venue providers offer a Pass?

Some venue providers offer a day pass, week pass or month pass.
Others work on pay by the hour, day, week or month. 
Both formats are basically the same thing so the real difference is how much usage you get for your money, as in how many hours in a day, week or month.

Can I go to any location with a Pass?

Passes are restricted to venues that offer them.
We are working now to offer a filter on our application so you can easily see what venues you can visit with a pass. :)  


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