Co-sharing office space the new buzz

You heard it (read it) on the Grapevine

Co-sharing office space the new buzz

July 7, 2016
deskStop Gazette

Co-sharing office space is and has become a multi-billion dollar business.
In this Grapevine article we look to first explore what it is, then who uses it and finally how it can benefit you.

The easiest way to bring you up to speed is look at how businesses changed their office environments over the past 10 – 20 years or more from private closed walled offices to open plan environments that created a world of healthy synergy and communication amongst most of the workforce.

Flash forward to the last 5 or so years and the trend for this open plan environment within businesses internally expanded out into the public office space domain. Historically serviced office providers of past would provide short term leases for private closed walled office space, which they still do, but now they also offer shared desk space or otherwise known as co-working or co-sharing office space. Get your lingo on.

It would seem the demand for the private office, above, has split into a large and rapidly growing sub-segment of open office requirements like below.

We have seen multiple varieties of the co-sharing office space appear all over the world. Some venues exclusive co-sharing options and some a mix of the co-sharing as well as the private. Both of which whyGo are hoping to serve up as easy booking options for you.

The most stand out co-sharing venues are the ones that seem to full appreciate and understand the reason behind co-sharing. Sure, the remote worker loves a place to drop in and do a few hours of work, but the real benefits come from the users who get to share ideas and concepts and work along side other like minded people and businesses. It is these environments that we love to see because they are literally breeding grounds for creativity.

If you know of any fantastic co-sharing businesses, let us know who they are and why you love them. In fact tell us if you have any horror stories of co-sharing, the more feedback the better.


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