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  • Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients
  • Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients
    Video Conferencing Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is a room or boardroom that has a table and chairs. The table can be square, rectangle or round.

How much does a meeting room cost?

Video conference rooms range from $150 - 350 per hour during business hours and range from $250 - 500 per hour after hours.
This includes the room and equipment hire. 

What are the cancellation terms?

Over 48 hours = no cost (booking fees may apply)
Under 48 hours = 50% of all charges incurred
Under 24 hours = 100% of all charges incurred

How long can I book a room for?

You can book for literally any duration. One hour or five days.
When clients book long duration's like full days or weeks, we work to secure discounted rates from the venues. 

What to expect from the venues?

A private meeting room (4 x walls and a door) with video conference equipment installed.

The coordinator will show the attendees to the room, seat them, ensure the system is turned on, mic is on, camera is positioned on the attendees, offer coffee and tea.

Can I connect my laptop, tablet or phone?

You sure can! We offer two options to connect video devices.

Self-service: We provide all parties with a Virtual Meeting Room which allows any device to connect into, using ALL video technologies. 

Fully-managed: Same as Self-Service except one of our agents is on standby for support.

Both options include pre-testing. :)

What is the quality like?

Most of the time, the quality is great. 

Video conferencing runs over the internet, meaning the quality is subject to speed and connection quality at both locations. 

Connections of 768Kbps and up are most recommended for a good to great quality video conference. 

To be clear, that is 768 Kbps of internet JUST for the video conference, not shared with cousin Bob in the room next doo watching the latest Game of Thrones as that will kill the connection as it will be using most of that bandwidth.

Can multiple locations connect?

We can connect any number of video conference rooms and video enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.  


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